Delegation Service

We provide a premium service with some of the best features

Instant Payouts

Fastest Payouts

We pay block rewards as soon as your delegation has registered rights. This is around 2 cycles after you start delegating and 10+ cycles before most other services!

Guaranteed Rewards

Guaranteed Rewards

We guarantee all block rewards - this means that even if we miss baking a block, you will still get paid. That's how confident we are in our baking operation!



No signups or registration required, all rewards will be delivered to your delegator address - no questions asked. We pay every cycle (2-3 days).

10% COmmission


Our Fee

TezTech Labs will charge a delegation fee of 15% - this allows us to provide a highly available and maintained baking service with guaranteed rewards and instant payouts.

10% COmmission


Profit generated will be used to help support TezTech Labs and the development and maintenance of our free community tools and products. Delegating to us will help to grow the ecosystem.


We are one of the most experienced teams when it comes to undertstanding the Tezos protocol, running/maintaining nodes, and baking on Tezos. We have operated baking nodes as early as baking itself and have a vast amount of knowledge surrounding it.

Lab illustration

We will run a network of edge nodes hosted in professional datacenters, with high availability and connectivity. This network will be distributed around the world, and will ensure an up to date and optimized mempool. We operate a similar network that is used to power the TezBox wallet.

Our baking machines will be run in private, connected via a VPN. Our baking keys will be secured on a HSM. Multiple redundancies will be in place to ensure 100% baking uptime.

On top of this, we wil operate different monitoring services and DDOS protection to keep our baking operation running smoothly and without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Once you delegate to us, it can take up to two cycles for your stake to register to us on the network. Once that starts, we receive rights to bake blocks in the future using your stake. Our policy is that we pay the rewards for future blocks as soon as we receive rights - before we even bake the blocks - that means you'll receive payments within a week of delegating to us (not 3+ weeks like others)!

All other rewards (endorsements, fees and bonuses) are paid out at the end of the cycle they are baked (6 cycles before we receive them). The delay with other rewards is because they are unpredictable and misses may occur from no fault of our own.

All fees and double bake/endorse bonuses are shared like any other reward.

First in, first served. Stake that has contributed to overdelegation will not be elegible for rewards.